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First 5 honoured Ganapati (Marathi: Manache Ganapati) of Pune

I have started writing small blogs on places to visit from Pune city. This Blog is to give a fair idea on Honoured Ganapati from Pune city.
Here is a small virtual trip to Pune’s First 5 honored Ganapati with some basic information.

             Ganesh Chaturthi was being celebrated as a public event in Pune since the times of Shivaji (1630–1680), the founder of the Maratha Empire. In 1893, Ganesh Festival on large public scale was started by Bal Gangadhar Tilak (first leader of the Indian Independence Movement) from Pune city. He transformed the household worshipping of Ganesha into a grand public event.
             The intention behind Ganesh festival was to bridge the gap between Brahmins and 'non-Brahmins' and find a context in which to build a new grassroots unity between all cast. Also, intention was to gather people sharing similar ideas and exchange thoughts to deal with the British ruler.

Kasaba Ganapati
Among the thousands of Lord Ganapati Pandals in Pune city, Kasaba Ganapati, Tambdi Jogeshwari, Guruji Talim, Tulshi bag and Keshariwada Ganapati are on top places as first five holds the honors of Pune city. Shrimant Dagadushet Halwai Ganapati is richest and famous Ganapati in Pune.

Photos of First 5 honored Ganapati clicked in the year 2015-2016.

1. First Ganpati of Honor in Pune - Kasaba Ganapati
              The Kasba Ganapati is the presiding deity (Gramadevata - Its Sanskrit term for the presiding deity or guardian deity in Hindu villages, towns, and cities. It is derived from the words grāma “village” and devatā “deity”) of Pune. The temple was commissioned by Jijabai, Mother of Shivaji Maharaj (founder of the Maratha Empire).

Established in the year 1893, Mandal is gracing the first place in immersion procession since 1894

Kasaba Ganapati

2. Second Ganpati of Honor in Pune - Tambadi Jogeshwari
              Second Ganpati of Honor in Pune. It is famous and is situated in the heart of the city. The idol of Lord Ganesh has its uniqueness. From last so many years they are using the idol of the same kind which has resemblance of elephants of Africa. In the eleven days of puja, various kinds of events take place which are of social interest and are organized by keeping in mind the same aim that Late Lokmanya Tilak was having in his mind.

Tambadi Jogeshwari

Tambadi Jogeshwari

3. Third Ganpati of Honor in Pune - Guruji Talim
              Third Ganpati of Honor in Pune. This Mandal was established in 1887 even before Late Lokmanya Tilak started this festival. It was established as a symbol of Hindu Muslim unity. First mandal who celebrated its centenary in Pune.

Guruji Talim

4. Fourth Ganpati of Honor in Pune – Tulashi Bag Ganapati
              Fourth Ganpati of Honor in Pune. This is the old and famous Ganesh mandal in Pune. This mandal is known for the size of the Ganesh idol. This is the first mandal to make a fiberglass idol of Ganpati. This Ganapati is located in Tulasi Bag area which is the heart of the city. This area is known as Pune oldest market built by Peshwa (the year 1700-1761)

Tulasi Bag Ganapati

5. Fifth Ganpati of Honor in Pune – Kesariwada Ganapati
             Late Lokmanya Tilak established this idol in the year 1893. It is located in Kesari wada (wada means palace/big house where many families can stay together) which is a house of of Lokmanya Tilak . This Mandal vows to take up social and cultural undercurrents of the society. Organizes shows of renowned artists and speeches of great personalities during the festival.

Kesari Wada Ganapati

Kesari Wada Ganapati

Other Famous Ganapati of Pune city

Dagadusheth Halwai Ganapati
             This Ganapati is not in consideration in honor Ganapati of Pune but very popular in Maharashtra and is visited by lakhs of pilgrims every year. This Ganapati temple trust holds the crown of the richest Ganapati of Pune city.

Dagadusheth Ganapati

Dagadusheth Ganapati

Akhil Mandai Ganapati Mandal
             This is one of the most important Ganesh Mandal in Pune. It has an idol of Lord Ganesha sitting on a swing with Goddess Sharada. It is located in biggest and oldest vegetable market in Pune City.

Akhil Mandai Ganapati

Pritesh Kulkarni

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