Sunday, 20 September 2015

Monsoon Ride to Tamhini Ghat….

Driving in Tamhini ghat during monsoon or in winter is always refreshing drive. This is one of my favorite ghat sections near Pune. Here is some information rather than travel blog about Monsoon.

Traveling is my passion, Photography is my Love and Renu is my Life...Clicked by Camera remote at Tahmini Ghat...

About Tamhini Ghat
            Tamhini ghat section is mountain road between Mulshi and Sanaswadi village connecting Pune city and Mangaon town from Konkan. This ghat stretches almost 15 km. During the rainy seasons, the place transforms into a green bed with lots of waterfalls and small streams.

To reach to Tamhini Ghat from Pune is Pune -> Chadani Chowk -> Pirangut -> Paud village -> Mulashi village -> Tamhini village -> Tamhini Ghat.

Ride to Tamhini Ghat 2015
          Tamhini ghat provides the perfect picnic spot for many vacationers arriving here from Pune and its adjoining regions. The clouds move down from their lofty houses for an engagement with these mountains. There was beautiful greenery everywhere and lot of flowers along the road side making this journey more charming.

There are many waterfalls which are major attraction for Monsoon. First major waterfall is after crossing Mulshi village near Atmantan Health Care centre. You need park vehicle and small nature trail will take you to famous Mulshi fall. There are two trails to reach 2 different waterfalls. One on left side is easily accessible to tourist whereas there is another trail which required small hike. Both waterfalls are beautiful and I prefer second one.

After 15 km drive you can reach in Tamhini Ghat. Tamhini Ghat offers you beautiful waterfalls, valley view and Green Mountain.

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