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Konkan region: Contact details

My Blog readers ask me to share contact information from Konkan Region to plan their vacation. In this Blog post, I will share the contact details where I have stayed in last 4-5 years.

1. There is no commercial bond with property owner and Few of them knows me by name.
2. Contact Details might be changed
3. I will update this information based on my trip experience.
4. Overall experience with below hotels/Restaurants/Home stay was good.

Alibag (Blog link)
Business Name: Sanman hotel and restaurant
Owner Name: Mangesh Mhatre
Contact Details: 02141-222314, 02141-225086 and 9371643324.
Place: Alibag

Nagaon (Blog link)
Business Name: Vaishnavi cottage
Owner Name: Ravindra Risbudh
Contact Details 02141-245695, 02141-681279. 9850485194.
Place/Address: Nagaon

Kashid (Blog link)
Business Name: Picnic Park home stay
Contact Details: 9226279146
Kashid Beach

Business Name: Private Villas
Contact Details: 9420648856, 8805585541
Place: Kashid

Diveagar (Blog link)
Business Name: Sawali guest house (Home stay)

Owner Name: Madhukar Dhanawde
Contact Details: 95-2147-224713
Place: Diveagar

Business Name: Suhas Bapat (Veg meal)
Contact Details: 9423837967, 9271127337.
Place: Diveagar

Business Name: Ambiance Cottage
Contact Details: 02147-224091, 02147-225334, 02147-225335.
Place: Diveghar

Phansad Forest (Blog link)
Business Name: Phansad Forest

Owner Name: Madhujar Naik (Stay arrangement)
Contact Details: 9273682692.
Place: Phansad

Business Name: Phansad Forest
Owner Name: Mahila bachat gat
Contact Details: 9225566024.

Business Name: Phansad Forest
Owner Name: Nilam (Forest officer)
Contact Details: 9221996284, 022-25402522 (Forest tent bookings)

Velas (Blog link)
Owner Name:: Mohan Upadhe

Contact Details 952350-220304.
Place/Address: Velas

Owner Name: Milind Nijsure
Contact Details: 02350-220629, 02350-695915, 9421188487.
Velas, Mandangad

Dapoli – Karde – Kelshi (Blog Link)
Business Name: Aamba shop

Owner Name: Barve family
Contact Details: 9422444086, 8408093595.
Jalgaon, Dapoli

Owner Name: Ravi Dabake (Home stay and food)
Contact Details: 02358-234895, 02358-688448, 9421232244.
Keshavraj, Dapoli

Business Name: Sagar sawali
Owner Name: Bapu More
Contact Details: 02358-234947, 9881061947, 9271313647.
Karde beach

Business Name: Spurti Niwas (Home stay)
Owner Name: Jaihind Nagvekar
Contact Details: 02358-693763, 02358-651081.
Karde Beach

Deepak Dedhia (Stay and Boat arrangement)
Contact Details: 9763330460.
Karde Beach

Owner Name: Rahila - Boat arrangement
Contact Details: 8605228141.

Business Name: Sea Sahyadri
Contact Details: 9923485792, 9637695539, 02358-288239.
Ladghar beach

Owner Name: Bivalkar Family (Home stay and food)
Contact Details: 02358-287312, 9604790349.

Business Name: Noor Mill (For Mango)
Owner Name: Majid chogale
Contact Details: 02358-287324, 9922403246.

Business Name: Surabhi Home stay
Owner Name: Naresh Vartak
Contact Details: 9623113162, 9820441985, 02358-287240

Business Name: Konkan bhojnalay
Contact Details: 02358-287379, 9604104380, 9850398893.

Dilip Puri (Chandika Mata Temple pujari)
Contact Details: 9423295586, 02358-248698.

Guhagar (Blog link)
Business Name: Sagar lodge

Owner Name: Parag Sanwant
Contact Details: 9420152272, 02359-240347, 02359-240363.

Business Name: Hotel Annapurna
Owner Name: Shamkant Khatu
Contact Details: 9423048165, 9689063165. 02359-240512, 02359-240412.

Business Name: Atithi Niwas
Owner Name: Yogesh khare
Contact Details: 9273650764, 9423802208.

Business Name: Hotel Vaintey
Owner Name: Sanjay savarkar
Contact Details: 9420722905, 8698907905, 02359-240515.

Business Name: Vasudha jog
Contact Details: 02359-240875, 9158158316.

Business Name: The Durga pearl Niwas
Owner Name: Sneha Khare
Contact Details: 9421705351, 9822784371

Business Name: Ravindra Damale (Home stay)
Contact Details: 9403148865, 9420475602, 02359-240042.

Owner Name: Naresh Kesarkar (Car mechanic)
Contact Details: 9673353517.

Velneshwar (Blog link)
Business Name: Chandrankant Gokhale (Home stay and food)

Contact Details: 02359-243307, 9421143322, 9921043730, 9922254042.

Kolthare (Blog link)
Business Name: Garwa beach resort

Owner Name: Bhave Family
Contact Details: 02358-285232, 9764065810.

Business Name: Virgin wind resort
Contact Details: 9371011187

Amba Ghat
Business Name: Pawankhind Resort
Owner Name: Shirgaokar Family
Contact Details: 9422002231, 9423076167, 020-5439860
Amba ghat

Business Name: Kasturi resort
Owner Name: Madhura joshi
Contact Details: 9371923039, 9422513797
Kolhapur – Ratnagiri highway, Amba ghat

Ratnagiri (Blog link)
Business Name: Ratnasagar beach resort

Bhatye beach: 9604002661
Bhatye Beach

Veg Treat Restaurant
Contact Details: 9823071188.

Business Name: Joshi family (Homemade Konkani food product)
Contact Details: 02352-220952

Ganeshgule (Blog link)
Business Name: Oceano pearl

Contact Details:
Contact Details: 02352-237800, 8605599789, 9405340784.

Malvan - Tarkarli (Blog Link)
Business Name: Laxmi Vishnu (Cashew nuts factory and shop)

Contact Details: 02365-252159.

Business Name: Anapurna Niwas
Owner Name: Gosavi Family
Contact Details: 02365-253537, 9404442990

Business Name: Atithi Bambo khanaval
Owner Name: Sanjay Gawadi
Contact Details: 9423304327.

Business Name: Aapa Gosavi (Home Stay)
Contact Details: 9923641879.

Business Name: Anway Prabhu (Scuba diving in Malvan)
Contact Details: 9823857576.

Business Name: Samant

Contact Details: 9421261718, 9970431570.
Bhogave Beach

Devbag Beach
Business Name: Devbag water sports

Contact Details: 9403181196

Shiroda Beach
Business Name: Dolphin Hotel

Contact Details: 9423511343.
Shiroda Beach

Business Name: Amruta Padagoankar (Stay near Vengurla)

Contact Details: 9422374277

Business Name: Dhuri Homestay resort
Contact Details: 9420740901, 9604165641.

Raigad Fort (Blog link)
Raigad fort (Guide and lunch arrangement)

Contact Details: 9011784795.

Raigad – Pappu guide
Contact Details: 9527758601.

Diva trek
Guide for Diva trek from Konkan side

Santhosh Sutar
Contact Details: 9420966029.

Tahmini (Blog link)
Business Name: Raigad In

Contact Details: 9423926857, 9270996025

Thanks for reading this Blog. Happy traveling.
 Pritesh Kulkarni

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