Saturday, 17 March 2012

Weekend trip to Diveagar

Diveagar is a small village in Konkan, Maharashtra. It is mainly famous for weekend trip from Pune or Mumbai.  We decided to visit Diveagar with friends. The beach is easily accessible from Pune and therefore is great weekend destination near Pune. The place with a wide beach and clean (?) is blessed with intense natural beauty, the tender sands below feet, coconut tree cultivations. Sea is very safe for swimming so you can enjoy the swimming.
               I added “? “  For clean because this was my 7th visit to Diveagar. When I used to visit this place earlier that time beach was very clean but now… L. Beach is packed with tourist and there are some sports activities like jeep towed parasailing, Boat ride, Beach vehicle ride and many more rides. Even you can find some snacks stalls.

About Diveagar
                Lord Suvarnaganesha temple is the main attraction of tourist visiting here. On the special day of November 17th, 1997 (Sankashti Chaturthi as per the Hindu calendar) that there was found a copper box beneath the earth. When the box was opened in presence of Govt Officials, there was a sculpture of Lord Ganesh made out of pure gold. Also the box contained ornaments belonging to Lord Ganesh. It was then that the god was named "Suvarnaganesh". The discovery has turned the village into a holy place.

Our journey begins at around 7 in morning from Pune. We hired a Scorpio car for our entire journey. Distance between Pune and Diveagar is around 165 to 170km. Best way to reach Diveagar is Pune – Paud gaon – Mulashi – Tamhini Ghat – Nijampur – Mangaon – Right turn after Mangaon ST stand – Mhasala – Diveagar.


We took a pit stop for breakfast at Quick byte hotel (Famous by name Green gate resort). After delicious breakfast and coffee we moved to our destination. Journey time was around 4hr along with few breaks. In Diveagar, we search for resort to stay. After some time we found resort named Naughty waves beach resort which is 2-3 min walk from the beach. You can also stay in any of the homestay cottages in Diveagar. We had our lunch at Patil’s house (Patil Khanaval).

Naughty waves beach Resort

  • Toll for Car in Diveagar: INR 20/-
  • Naughty waves resort room: INR 1500/- for 4 people. (+ 91 - 9209 2061 61/9822 0806 26)
  • Veg Thali (unlimited vegetarian meal): INR 70/-.
  • Fish Thali (Limited Fish meal): INR 150/- Unlimited Roti, rice and curry.
  • Don’t miss Solkadi (special konkani buttermilk)  
After rest for a while, we planned to visit beach for swimming. Sea-shore behind cultivations is about 4-5 kilometers long. As I mentioned earlier, beach is not clean at all. Even though sea color is muddy/brown but it is very safe to enjoy in the waves. Sunset from beach was awesome. Orange color spreading all over the horizon during sunset was amazing. After Sunset we had dinner in MTDC’s Exotica. Everybody was tired because of journey and evening on beach.

Sunset at Diveagar

Sunset at Diveagar

  • Dinner at Exotica: INR 350/- (veg and non-veg Buffet dinner)
  • Jeep parasailing: INR 200/- per person (bargaining is must else cost INR 300/- per person)
Day 2:
Early morning


On Next day you can visit Janjira fort which is 30-40 min away from Dighi port. Distance between Diveagar to Dighi is around 20km. A ferry boat starts in early morning from Dighi. Ferry trips entirely depend on passengers so 8.45/9 am ferry is perfect to visit Janjira fort. The return trip costs just INR 30/-. There is a lot to see on the fort. We get about an hour to explore the Sea Fort. Either read history before you reach here or hire a guide for information about Janjira Fort. You need to bargain with the guide.

Janjira Fort

Janjira Fort
In noon, we went on beach again. We opt for bumpy boat ride at Diveagar beach. Very thrilling experience as due to wind and waves, boat was swinging at her own will. After spending more than 2 hours in water we came back to resort. By 4.30 in noon we decided to leave Diveagar. With tired faces we reach at our sweet home at around 8.45 pm.

Jeep towed parasailing

  • Breakfast (Kanda-Pohe): INR 25/-
  • Boat ride: INR 100/- per person (approximately 20 min ride)
  • Car rent: INR 5900/- for 2 days

If you want relax weekend vacation on beach then go for it but go soon before it is trashed by tourist.

My favorite options to stay in Diveagar:
  1. Savali home-stay cottages: Don’t have contact no.
  2. Ambiance Cottage: Phone: +91-22-6150 6363.
  3. Suhas V Bapat: Near Marathi school Tel: 02147 224377 (Home-stay cottages and delicious food)


  1. Very well written!

  2. hey it's really nice. I visited Janjira fort but never visit Diveagar. Very nice Blog and helpful for me in Future...

  3. can you provide the contact number of Patil Khanaval. I believe he expect to inform him about lunch or dinner 3 hours before.

  4. Great description with awesome pics !!
    I have a similar blog describing my travel experiences.We visited the Konkan belt around Pune sometime ago with friends. I welcome you to visit my blog for the experience -

  5. How was ur experience of parasailing?
    Was it safe?

    1. Para-sailing is not 100% safe but they take proper care during Para-sailing. Overall experience is good.

  6. Great blog and really helpful.. gonna visit diveagar this October. Information u provided here is sure gonna help me.

    1. Thanks for your comment...
      Pritesh Kulkarni

  7. Really nice information. Planned to visit Dive-agar soon. Thanks for minute details. Will be of great help, definitely.

  8. Nice Written & nice Pictures. After reading your blog we feel like we almost with you, very very well presentation. i almost read all your blogs. We plan to Harihareshwar, Shriwardhan & Diveaagar trip from satara, Pls suggest.

  9. is august a good time to go ...are the seas rough and activities like parasailing, dolphin watching will be available in first week of august

    1. As it is monsoon Time, you can expect rough sea and water-sports or Dolphin sighting. Weather is pleasant to experience Monsoon

  10. @Leenendra
    Ambiance Cottage: Phone: +91-22-6150 6363.
    This number is belong to some travel agency, i need direct contact number of Ambiance cottage

    1. @Pratap Ambiance Cottage contact no - 9763219803

    2. @Pratap
      Ambiance Cottage contact no -9763219803