Saturday, 4 August 2018

Quick ride to Neelkantheshwar Temple, Pune

Neelkantheshwar temple was on my list to visit from a long time. The distance between the  Neelkantheshwar temple and my place is around 40km. I decided to visit the place on my Cycle. This was my Solo monsoon trip to Temple.

Ashtavinayank Ganapati, Lord Shiva

About Neelkantheshwar temple:
             Neelkantheshwar temple is located near Panshet and it is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Tempe is situated on the hill and you can see the statue expressing the Indian Mythology.

To reach the Temple from Pune is, Pune - Warje - Uttam Nagar - Kudje - Katawadi - Take a left at Katawadi - Cross the bridge on River -  Take a left on T Junction - Jambhali Village - Take right (Welcome arch) for Neelkantheshwar - Neelkantheshwar Parking.

Another route is Pune - Sinhagad Road - Khadakvasala Dam - Take right just before Dam - Take left after crossing bridge - Kudje - Katawadi - Take a left at Katawadi - Cross the bridge on River -  Take a left on T Junction - Jambhali Village - Take right (Welcome arch) for Neelkantheshwar - Neelkantheshwar Parking.
You can reach the temple (Longer route) as Pune - Sinhagad Road - Khadakvasala Dam - Khanapur Village - Panshet Dam - Neelkantheshwar temple.

GPS Location:
Neelkantheshwar Temple: 18.405920, 73.644622
Neelkantheshwar temple Parking: 18.401923, 73.651120

July 2018: Pune - Neelkantheshwar Temple - Pune (82 km)
             I woke up early and left home at 6AM on my MTB Cycle. I'm a regular cyclist hence 80km was easy to achieve for me. Soon I crossed Khadakvasala area and the hilly region began. I was carrying energy bars and puncture kit. Road condition towards temple is not good for Road bike Cycle (Type of Cycle) but manageable for MTB or Hybrid Cycles. I reached the river bridge which is after Katawadi. I took my first break for some pictures.

               After a few km of paddling, I reach the welcome arch. Temple is 3km from the welcome arch whereas car parking is at 1.5km. The road from this point is pretty steep and tested my stamina on the climb. The road is also not in a condition to ride the Cycle. somehow I manage to reach the parking area. you can park your vehicle (Bike/Car/Bus) at some nominal charges. The small restaurant is available in the parking where you can get basic snacks items and tea/coffee. From this point, you need to do a small hike. 

               I decided to take Cycle on the top. First, 700-800 meters patch was very steep and I was unable to ride it. After that, I enjoyed off-roading ride till the entrance of the temple gate. Heavy rain started hence I went inside the temple and took the Lord Shiva's Darshan. After some rest, I started exploring the temple area.

               Lord Shiva Temple is mainly famous for statue spread across the temple area. These statues or group of statues share a story from Indian Mythology. You can view stories from Lord Krishna life, Ramayana, Mahabharata from the group of statues. Apart from Mythology stories, you can see giant statues of Indian god and goddess. The statues of Navaratna grah, Ashtvinayank Ganapati, famous god/goddess idol from Pune, Maharastra's Sant etc can be seen in the temple area.

Lord Hanuman - Goddess Sita visit


Vastraharan from Mahabharata

               I left the beautiful temple and came down till parking area without riding cycle. My return journey began and I decided to fallow the same pictures route. I had Tasty spicy Misal Pav near Kudje village. Reached home safely by 1 PM after riding 80-82km.

Misal Pav

  • Coffee: INR 20/-
  • Misal Pav: INR 60/-
  • Water bottle: INR 20/-
  • Parking charges: Not for Cycles (INR 10/20/30 for Bike/Car/Bus)

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Thanks for reading this Travel Blog. Happy traveling.

Pritesh Kulkarni