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Photo Blog of Pune - Saswad Wari 2015

Waari is a holy pilgrimage in Maharashtra and the participants in the Waari are called ‘Waarakaris’. It is undertaken in the Hindu month of Aashaadh (around June-July). Every year, millions of devotees walk along the 250 km route from Aalandi (near Pune) to PandharPur (near Solapur). The Varkari tradition has been part of Hindu culture in Maharashtra since the thirteenth-century CE.

Wari in Dive Ghat..Mauli's Palakhi is on left side just before cuve
Wari in Dive Ghat..Mauli's Palakhi is on left side just before cuve

Events such as Ringan and Dhava are held during the pilgrimage. During the Ringan, a sacred horse called Maulincha Ashva, who is believed to be the soul of the saint whose idol is being carried in the litter, runs through the rows of pilgrims, who try catching the dust particles kicked off and smear their head with the same.Dhava is another kind of race where everyone wins and it is held to commemorate the manner in which Tukaram first saw the temple at Pandharpur and started running in sheer exhilaration

The WARI tradition dates back into times. Saint Dnyaneshwar’s great grandfather – Trymbakpant Kulkarni – used to walk the WARI from his native Apegaon to Pandharpur. Saints Dnyaneshwar, Namdev, Sawta Mali, Chokhoba and Tukaram used to participate in the WARI in their own life times. The tradition of the present ‘PALKHI SOHALA’ (literally WARI of festivities) can be traced to the year 1685 around 36 years after Saint Tukaram attained divinity (1649). It was initiated by Taponidhi Narayan Maharaj Dehukar, son of saint Tukaram. The ‘PADUKAs’ of Saint Tukaram would be carried over to Alandi where along with the ‘PADUKAs’ of Saint Dnyaneshwar they would form the WARI inching towards Pandharpur to meet their Lord Vitthal (God).

It was not possible for us to walk with Wari for 250km hence we experienced 3rd day Wari from Pune to Saswad.. Distance between pune and saswad is 29km.

Some clicks taken during Waari:

पाऊले चालती पंढरीची वाट...

विठ्ठल -- विठ्ठल जय हरी -- विठ्ठल

Warkari taking rest during Journey

During rest time...

Mauli mauli....

Warkari with handy cam...

Millions of devotees in Dive ghat...

In Dive ghat

Warkari waiting for Mauli's Palkhi in Dive ghat

Palkhi in Dive ghat

Mauli Mauli...Mauli Mauli Rup tuze...

Massive crowd waiting for Palkhi on Dive ghat hill


We at Dive ghat....

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    liked your Sarasgad trek blog. Want to ask whether the rock patch on sarasgad is easy or difficult & dangerous.

    1. Hello Vishal,

      Thanks for comment...Rock patch on Sarasgad is medium during monsoon time (Wet rocks and bit slippery) whereas in other season, its easy to climb

      Pritesh Kulkarni

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    1. You can post your email ID in comment and I will share mine to discuss further