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Korlai Fort, Chaul and Kashid, Konkan on weekend

We were looking for a quick weekend trip and decided to visit Korlai fort along with Kashid. We have visited Kashid and nearby beach multiple time so the focus was to explore Korlai. It was the Renuka's (Wife) first visit to Korlai.
Travelers for this trip were me and Renuka.

Sea View from Korlai Fort
Sea View from Korlai Fort

About Kashid and Chaul
              Kashid is a beach town on Alibag-Murud road. It is popular mainly because of its white sand, curvy beach shape, mountains behind beach and beautiful sea view. Kashid has a 3 km stretch of beach tucked in between two rocky hillocks with Casuarinas groves all around the seashore. Few sea-facing resorts are under construction in kashid and lots of homestay accommodations are available.
             Kashid beach is generally crowded by Mumbai people on weekends so my advice is to visit this place on weekdays to enjoy this beautiful sandy beach.

Chaul is a former city of Portuguese India. It is known as one of the oldest Former city from Konkan region. There are 360 temples in Chaul. Korlai Fort in the town of Korlia. This fort was built in 1521 by the Portuguese with the permission of Burhan Nizam. Fort was used for keeping watch on River and on Chaul area.

Our Route:-
            Best way to reach Kashid/Chaul is Pune - National highway towards Mumbai- join Expressway - Lonavala - After crossing Lonavala-Khandala on Expressway, there is Khopoli exit - Take a left at Khopoli square for Pen - Pen - Alibag - Chaul - Kashid.

22 June 2019: Pune to Kashid via Chaul:
             We woke up by 5.30 AM and left home at 6:00 AM. We chose the route via Khopoli to reach Chaul. We reached in Chaul without taking a single break. We decided to visit a couple of ancient temples from Chaul as it is practically not possible to cover all the temples from Chaul. Our first destination was Rameshwar Mandir from Chaul. Temple is of Hemadpanthi style of architecture. Temple has been renovated various times in the past to make it attractive, however, the exact year when it was built is not known. Lord Shiva is the foremost deity in the temple. Temple has 3 Water tanks namely Parjanya (Rain) kund, Agni (Fire) kund, and wayu (Air) kund representing three elements of nature.

Rameshwaram Mandir

Shree Vakhanath Temple
Shree Vakhanath Temple

              After a quick visit, we saw a couple of temples from Chaul. Most of the temples are now renovated but their style of architecture is ancient. We left Chaul and had our breakfast before reaching Kashid. we were not interested to stay near Kashid beach hence we prefer to stay a couple of KM before the beach. We checked a few hotels and checked-in in Hotel Coco In.

Ganesh Temple

Mukhari Ganapati Temple

             All the rooms from the hotel are sea-facing though the beach was rocky. Room was large in size and clean. This property is typically for family or people who want peace and relaxation time. We had our lunch in the hotel which I found tasty but a bit overpriced. We were expecting Monsoon Konkan trip but there was No sign of Rain at all. Rather than Monsoon, Sun was dominating in the sky.

Hotel Coco Inn

Veg Meal

             In the evening, We went to Rocky beach to witness Sunset. Monsoon clouds gathered on the horizon which skipped Sunset show. We had dinner in the hotel itself and enjoyed the India Vs Afganistan World cup cricket match. You can Visit Revdanda Beach and Fort which is near to Chaul. As we have visited that place multiple times so we prefer to stay in the Hotel for the evening. You can check my Blog on Revdanda and Phansad Forst here


  • Petrol: INR1500/-
  • Expressway Toll Till Khopoili Exit: INR 138/-
  • Breakfast near Kashid: INR100/- (Omlet Pav 40/- and Cold drink 20/-)
  • Coco inn Hotel: INR3000/- for AC (INR4000 for AC and INR3000 for Non AC on weekends)
  • A veg meal in Lunch: INR700/- (₹350/- per person)
  • Water bottles: INR 125/- (5 bottled)
  • Dinner: 400/- (1 Prowns Meal and Extra Rice)
  • Kokam Surbat: INR45/- per Glass
  • Cold drink: INR45/-
  • Coconut water: INR 80/- for 2

23 June 2019: Korlai Fort - Pune:
               We woke by 7 AM and feel fresh as Monsoon clouds were entered in Konkan. Quickly we left for Korlai fort. We reached by 8AM and got to know that Fort entrance opened after 9AM. I was aware of another route to enter in the Fort from Northside and Security allow us to go from that route.

Fort Area

              Proper stone steps are laid from lighthouse till the top. It takes hardly 15-20 mins to reach the top. we approached the fort from Northside after Quick small trek. Northmost point of Fort has a storehouse of ammunition and place to park ships at that time. The Fort is mainly divided into 6 Parts. After Crossing 2 sections with some slow elevation, we reached the entrance which is connected via Stone steps.

Fort entrance

              Next section has Canons and Bastion. Entrance to the next section is in proper shape. You can see the small Shiva Temple and Shiv-Linga. There is a Water trench opposite to small temple but it is covered. In the Next Section, you can see the chapel and Portuguese inscriptions. There is another entrance on your left. Looking at the entrance construction, It should be the main entrance at that time to enter the Fort or Chapel.

Shiva Temple at Korlai Fort

Chapel on Korlai Fort

              There is a small entrance behind the chapel for the last section of the fort. You can see the 3-4 Cannons. All the cannons are mounted in wheel cart. Wheel carts are newly built and placed to keep heritage cannon on it. View from the Southmost point is breathtaking, You can see the sea on your left and Korlai village on your left. we spend some time to witness the beautiful view of Sea and Monsoon approach over the Arabian sea.

Behind Chapel

View from Korlai Fort
View from Korlai Fort

             Korlai was initially known as the “Rock of Chaul”. In 1594, there was a chaotic situation after Burhan Nizam died. The Portuguese tried to take advantage of this by building a fortification. But Hussein Nizam perceived the danger and decided to fortify this mountain himself. The Portuguese opposed this and they signed a treaty. It was decided that inseam would not build a fort and the Portuguese would not pose him any threat on the seas. Second Burhan Nizam succeeded in building a fort there. Sardar Fattekhan cannoned the walls of Revdanda fort soon. The Portuguese were short of soldiers and ordered more army. They then attacked the fort by invading the base village. They won the fight and captured Korlai fort. In 1684, Sambhaji Maharaj made an unsuccessful attempt to capture the fort. In 1739, Chimaji Appa (From Maratha emperor) made a strong attack on the fort and captured it.

Korlai Fort

             We came down quickly and left the fort. You can visit the Lighthouse By paying a nominal fee. Lighthouse engineer explains the functionality of lighthouse, Radar system and how the entire system communicates with the ships and the control room which is in Mumbai.

Cannon on Korlai

              We reached Hotel and had our breakfast. After some rest, we check-out from the hotel and started our return journey. We took a small stop to visit Birla Ganesh Temple. It is located in Revdanda-Murud Rd near Revdanda Bridge. The architecture is pretty good and well maintained. Camera and Mobiles are strictly not allowed in the temple area. No locker system available so better to keep in your vehicle.
              Our next destination was Nagaon. we went to Nagaon only for Lunch and we skipped Beach as it was overcrowded (as always). You can read my travel blog on Nagaon here. We had tasty Seafood meal at Mahesh restaurant near the beach. On the way to Alibag from Nagaon, there was one small temple. It is known as Nav-nag temple (Nine snake’s temple). Hardly any tourists visit this place. Local says that the Name of this village came because of this place. In the temple, you can see a total of 10 rocks having snake images on it. 9 were originally placed here and in recent time someone added 10th snake idol.

King Fish Meal

We left Nagaon after some Konkani Product shopping and came to Pune safely via Pen - Expressway.

  • Korlai Fort parking: INR 20/-
  • Korlai Fort entry: INR 40/- for 2 person
  • Birla temple parking: INR 30/-
  • Lunch: INR 365/- (Kingfish meal, and Extra 3 Roti - Meal shared by 2 people)
  • Modak (sweet Dish): INR 40/- for 2
  • Expressway Toll: INR 173/-
Contact Details:
  • Hotel Coco Inn: +919167562668, +919167562468, +919969315657.
  • Mahesh Lunch Home, Nagaon: +919764557050, +918390382222.

I will try to upload more and more travel blogs. Thanks for reading this Travel Blog.



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