Sunday, 7 June 2015

Quick offbeat trek to Mangad Fort

As monsoon was about to start, me and Renu decided to start some trekking activity. We planned offbeat Mangad trek on 7th June 2015. It was a half day trek. We were expecting light rain on that day but it turned out to be bright sunny day.

Mangad Fort
Mangad Fort

Trekkers for Mangad fort were me, my wife Renuka, my office friends Rohan and Sree Harsha.

About Mangad Fort and route:
Fort Mangad is small fort situated in Mashidwadi village near Borwadi. Fort is 10km away from Nizampur town. After construction of Raigad fort as a capital of Maratha (Swarajya) empire, Shivaji Raje built a chain of forts to make Capital more strong. These fort chains consist of Mangad, Kurdugad, Panhalghar, Songad, Chambhargad and Lingana.

Mangad fort was used for Raigad’s protection and to warn/prevent enemies attack on Raigad. Not much is known about the history of this fort. Mashidwadi is the base village of Mangad fort

To reach at the base village of fort from Pune is Pune - Chadani Chowk – Pirangut – Paud – Tamhini Ghat – Nijampur – Take a left at Nizampur (Sign board for Raigad is present at junction) – Borwadi – Mashidwadi.

14th June 2012: Trek to Mangad (2 hr. of Journey + 30 min climb):
            We woke up early morning by 5.30 am and left Pune by 6.15 after meeting other friends in Kothrud area. We were expecting light rain shower as weather was bit cloudy in Tamhini Ghat. We took a pit stop for breakfast at Hotel Quick Bite. It was a pleasant journey till base village. There are enough boards to guide you once you take left turn at Nijampur.
           We reached at Mashidwadi by 9 AM. The atmosphere changed its mood regularly, sometimes cloudy, sometimes wind playing with us and sometimes sudden focus from sun glowing up the vegetation. Trek route is simple and straight forward. It just takes 20-30 min of time to reach at the top of fort. There is a Vinjhai temple midway before starting stairs to reach at the top. Steps are curved in the stone which leads us to the main entrance of fort.

Route to Mangad Fort
Route to Mangad Fort

Vinjhai Temple and Fort
Vinjhai Temple and Fort

Fort Info

            Main entrance of fort is in good condition. After entering into fort from gate, you can see lord Hanuman idol and fort map board. Take left from temple and you can see 4 water trench and 1 large cave. In history, water trenches were used as source of drinking water whereas cave was used as grain storage. We climb little bit to reach at the top of fort area. 

Steps in Stone

Main Entrance

Lord Hanuman idol and Fort Map

          There are some ruined foundation of fort is present. You can see 2-3 water trenches which are covered by thick grass and bushes. On the top you can find a mansion on a raised platform along with a temple which is in ruins.

Cave to store grains

          From the fort you can see Raigad fort, Konkan Dive peak and birth place village Chatrapati Shahu Maharaj. As I wrote, fort was used for Raigad’s protection and to warn/prevent enemies attack on Raigad. To the south end fort, there is an open ground, where there had been military training. In the Treaty of Purandar, “Mangad Fort” is mentioned. Fort was under Peshwa rule before it was taken in May 1818 by a British officer Captain Prother. 

View from Mangad fort

Base village Mashidwadi
Base village Mashidwadi

          After resting for 30 min, we decided to descend. It took us hardly 10-15 minute to reach at base village. This offbeat fort is hardly visited by tourist/Trekker. You can club this fort visit along with waterfall trip to Tahmini ghat. We reached home by 4 PM safely ending pleasurable trek.

Jai Maharashtra...

Things to carry for Mangad trek:
  • A water bottle to carry at least 1.5 liters of water
  • Some dry food and packed lunch, No suitable food stall is available on Fort.
  • Windcheater / jacket / Barsati during monsoon trek.
  • First aid kit
  • A towel or napkin and 2-3 old newspapers
  • Camera to capture best nature movement
  • Better avoid wearing Gold and other ornaments. No need to carry heavy cash.
Our Expenses:
  • Car petrol: INR 1600/- (approx. 20 lit at INR 74/lit)
  • Breakfast at Quick bite resort: As per ordered Dish (On average INR 100 per person)
  • Lunch at Durva restaurant near Pirangut: INR 600/- (For 4 people)

Thanks for reading this Travel Blog. Happy traveling.

Pritesh Kulkarni 


  1. Hi Pritesh,
    You have written about the best trekking destination that I ever came across. Your description about the Mangard fort and the whole trekking expedition is fascinating. Trekking is adventurous and I loved your write up. It was personal and very relateable to any person who wants to go in the wild and confront nature.

    1. Thank you very much hearteningjourneys...Will try me level best to share my travel experience which will be helpful to others

      Pritesh Kulkarni

  2. I have heard that u can also view Arabian sea from there..

    1. Thanks for comment, yes even i heard is weather is clear then you can see Arabian sea...!!!